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New and updated targets

We are excited to introduce some new and updated targets for everyone. We have been working on these over the past few months and we hope you enjoy them!

We have added a blue version of our Q Target, and a tan version of our IDPA target, which are still available in black and white. We are also introducing a brand new target called Competition 1.

    22720 FBI Q HEAVY  Blue& White  2203012210

B21E Bones was updated from barely visible bones to bright fluorescent yellow bones to better show off the skeleton. Blue Dude was also updated to highlight the spinal cord, pelvic bone, and brain shot spots. Women’s Getting Started was changed from purple to green rings to give the target more variation between the rings.

Bones Yellow & GreenBlue Dude 2271018090

We hope you like our new targets and the changes we have made. If you have any questions please email us at